Saturday, 17 June 2017

17th June

Good news that the Sedge Warblers have bred in the Magic Garden…

This is the first confirmed breeding in the parish for quite a few years and it sounds as if there is a second pair present as well. The Reed Warbler, on the other hand, has gone quiet but perhaps on with the business of nesting?
Five singing Blackcaps are also in the Garden this year along with at least two Whitethroat (this one is carrying a ring)…

A Four-spotted Chaser was in the Garden on Wednesday but didn’t pose unlike this cracking Banded Demoiselle…

I recently purchased the new Wildguides hoverfly identification guide. You can tell it’s not going to be easy when they categorise species by whether you need magnifying glass or microscope to identify them! However, I am reasonably confident this is a Pellucid Hoverfly…

On Wednesday (21st) I am doing a talk on The Birds of Ainderby & Morton at Morton-on-Swale village hall at 7.00pm. Entry is £4 and money will go towards my youngest son’s charity work in Moldova.   


  1. Great news on the Sedge Warblers, good luck with the talk :)

    1. Thanks Pam, it seemed a good idea when I suggested it but now a couple of days away and it's feeling a bit more daunting!

    2. I'm sure you've done just fine!

    3. It was a triumph, darling, an absolute triumph! It seemed to go well and a very good turn out so glad I did it in the end!

    4. Marvellous, you'll be in demand now!