Sunday, 12 September 2021

12th September 2021

Another rather quiet week bird wise with one exception; Chris photographed what seems to be a small flock of Grey Plover flying south over the river. I’m just waiting to see the actual images but this would be unprecedented (although surprisingly this wouldn’t be a new species for the parish as I had a single fly-over bird more than a decade ago).

Otherwise signs of departure with more than 100 Swallows gathering on the top wires and around the house on the ridge…

I assume the birds in the second picture (part of a group of over 20) are sunning themselves?

Walking along the river yesterday I had only my second sighting of Kingfisher this year plus a Snipe, four Little Egret and six Goosander.

A small movement of Jays over was noticeable and seems to be an increasingly regular feature of autumn now.

This lovely patch of ivy in the village was absolutely alive with insects this morning,

there can’t have been less than 500 bees/wasps/flies on here, a fantastic sight and sound.

The hoverflies here included Common Flower Fly (Syrphus ribesii)…

And Death’s Head Fly (myathropa florea)

Named for a supposed similarity of some of its markings to a skull.

I’ll finish with this huge, and rather splendid, fungus, the Giant Polypore…

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