Thursday, 22 October 2015

Patchwork Challenge & Wonder of the Day

John Edwards had planned another mothing session in the Magic Garden last weekend but in the end couldn’t make it. We were especially interested in any migrant or late autumn moths as no-one had trapped in the parish at this time of year. My particular target was Merveille du Jour (or Wonder of the Day). John did manage to catch one of these in his garden this week so I can’t resist including his photo of this stunning moth.

I’ve mentioned the Patchwork Challenge before - a national competition to encourage people to really watch their own local patch. Thanks to September’s Osprey and Redpoll I’ve crept into first place in the Inland North mini-league, a fraction of a % ahead of another North Yorkshire birder, Steve Ward. Will the Pinkfeet and Peregrine I’ve added in October be enough to hold on to top spot?

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