Sunday, 14 February 2016

14th February

A quick walk this morning around the Magic Garden and then along Greenhills Lane. It was cold (the pond here was almost completely frozen) but still bright and clear. Fantastic colours on this ash stump and surrounds...

I think the fungus here is Trametes versicolor (commonly known as ‘Turkey Tail’)

Bird wise it was still pretty quiet. A Sparrowhawk flashed through the scrub here, a pair of Jays were seen along with half a dozen Goldcrests and a (beautifully camouflaged) Treecreeper...

Along Greenhills Lane there were two Buzzards and I could hear good numbers of Tree Sparrows. They were typically jumpy and active but I counted a flock of at least 86 birds, an excellent total.

As I stood trying to count the sparrows a Field Vole ran out of the hedge and over my boot!

A total of 52 Stock Dove were counted flying over near the ruined farmhouse and I also spotted my first Red-legged Partridge of the year in the main field here.  

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