Tuesday, 14 June 2016

14th June

Confirmation that the micro moth on Saturday night was indeed Prochoreutis myllerana, the first record for vice-county 65 (North-west Yorkshire) and one of less than a dozen records for the whole of Yorkshire.

It also emphasises how rich the Magic Garden’s tiny remnant of fen is. Imagine how good it would be if this could be extended (and also how fantastic the habitat must have been when the whole of Ainderby Bottoms was marshland).
I have started to notice some of the other insects here too although from a base of almost non-existent knowledge. This striking creature is a species of Scorpion Fly…

And this is Heliophilus pendulus, a rather distinctive species of hoverfly..

Birds on the other hand have been harder work although everything was in fine voice this evening in a late burst of sunshine…

and in abjectly failing to photograph swifts this evening I did at least capture this cloudscape...

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