Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Moths contd.

The final tally for Saturday’s mothing was an amazing 812 moths of 115 species. This added no less than 17 new species to the parish list (which I must update!).
Pick of these for me was this exquisite Beautiful China Mark..

According to the excellent Yorkshire Moths website there have only been three previous records of this species in Vice-County 65 so rare as well as stunning.
This Suspected is even scarcer with only two previous records in north-west Yorkshire...

It’s also a great name along with others such as Uncertain, Anomalous and Confused (and presumably, if the Victorians hadn’t been so decorous, we would have had “Haven’t got a bloody clue”)
Amongst the other new species were Barred Yellow…

Tawny-barred Angle…

And a True Lovers Knot…

and this lovely Poplar Grey was only the second parish record...


  1. Bloody Nora! That must have taken some sorting out.

    1. Yes five hours! I was heartily sick of Mother of Pearls and Common Footmen by the end!

  2. Amazing amount of moths! Great to get the rarer ones too!

    1. Yes Pam, cracking catch. I'm only a complete novice so it was all a bit of a blur!