Sunday, 11 September 2016

11th September

I had planned to go for the Kentish Plover at Spurn today, a bird I still need for my Yorkshire list, but whilst waiting for news I popped down to the flood pools in the Bottom fields. Yesterday they were empty other than a handful of Mallard. On first sight it seemed the same today with only a single duck visible but this turned out to be a Pintail, only the second parish record!
The Pintail took flight and flushed up a wader with it, I expected Green Sandpiper but the bird didn’t show an obvious white rump. Fortunately it turned and landed back on the pool. It was a cracking Ruff, again only the second record for the parish.

Whilst I was trying to photograph this bird two Greenshank shot across and landed on the pool.

There was also a Grey Heron on here that I at first thought was using its wing as a ‘parasol’ to shade the water looking for prey. I then assumed it had a broken wing but it later flew so I’m not sure why it was holding it like this…

The continuing sunny weather means dragonflies are still noticeable including lots of Common Darters and both Migrant….

And Southern Hawker...

on the lake but both species were also seen along Warlaby Lane today.

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