Sunday, 20 November 2016

20th November

It has been very quiet recently hence the gap in posts. Thrushes have continued to flood in with a conservative estimate of 600 Redwings in the Magic Garden early last week. There is also a regular thrush roost here. The Redwings tend to use the trees on the island or the young oaks but the Fieldfares drop in to the tops of the more mature trees.
Cormorants used to be uncommon visitors to the village but are now seen very regularly. The bare Ash tree in the Magic Garden seems to be the perch site of choice.

This second bird looks to be of the continental race sinensis from the shape of the orange gular patch.
Another bird which has become much commoner in recent years is the Jay. It was the big autumn influx from the continent in 2012 which marked the real change with regular sightings since then (although they seem to disappear in the summer). The Magic Garden is the best site but birds are often seen on Langlands Farm too. I’ve included this poor picture as this is literally the only shot of this ultra-wary bird I have ever taken in the parish.

The only other birds of note were three Snipe in the bottom fields, a pair of Teal in the Magic Garden and a Grey Wagtail amongst the leaf litter on the village green (can you spot it?)

In terms of the weather there seems to be a real contrast at the moment. Both these pictures were taken within a few minutes of each other, snow on the Hambletons…

And this almost summery view in the Magic Garden...

And as if to emphasise the delayed autumn, driving to the pictures last night (‘Arrival’ – very good!) we saw quite a few moths and a bat out hunting.

I’ll finish with this striking sky-fire picture photographed last night (surely a warning from the gods after Trump’s victory!)

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  1. It certainly has been quiet. I don't recall seeing quite so many redwing before; it's been a great year for them and the trees are still heavy with berries. I had over 100 teal on the large ox-bow when I last checked; it's quite a sight (and sound) when they take to the air. No other ducks though... I still haven't added a bird since whinchat in July :(