Sunday, 23 April 2017

23rd April

Summer migrants continue to drip in (albeit slowly) with a single House Martin over the village yesterday and the first Common Sandpipers on the river…

The Willow Warbler population seems to be in better shape than last year with around ten singing birds between Morton bridge and Thrintoft beck but no Whitethroats seen yet.
The excellent pools in the Bottom Fields have been reduced now to a tiny puddle but still attracted Green Sandpiper (with a second bird on the river yesterday). They also pulled in this female Pied Wagtail doing a good impression of a White…

A Little Egret has taken up virtual permanent residence on the river by the railway bridge…

Funny how quickly you get used to birds, I don’t give it much more attention than I would a Grey Heron these days but I can still remember the excitement of seeing my first bird in the parish only a handful of years ago.
And talking of semi-resident, this Cormorant has been present virtually every day this year in the Magic Garden…

On the mammal front I saw my first Stoat of this year in the Bottom Fields yesterday and today this Fox on the railway (it’s behind you!)

On an entirely different subject my wife spotted a dent in our car bonnet yesterday and found this caught in the wiper trough..

It’s magnetic and contains metallic flecks. Is it a meteorite?!


  1. You will have to inform your insurers that your car was hit by a meteorite. Please publish their response though!

    1. Think I might just contact the local panel beater, much less complex!!

  2. Nice Willow Warbler count, i'm still waiting on my first yet! Be a little bit cooler to say the car got hit by a meteorite than a stone wouldn't it!

  3. That's fantastic, Nick! Though I'm sure you'd rather not have the expense, to have a meteor hit your car and then actually find the meteorite is pretty lucky!!