Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bank Swallows & Swale Banks

These are a couple of Seamus Breen’s photos of communal living by the Sand Martins at Morton-on-Swale (or Bank Swallows as they are known in in America). This stretch of the Swale must be one of the best in Britain for Sand Martins.  

By the way I have had some information about my speculated fish traps (post on 19th June), John Aston explained these aren’t traps but actually unsuccessful attempts at preventing  erosion, probably from the 19th century.

My eldest has just completed his GCSEs so here’s a classic Geography exam example of erosion, and saltation and deposition of gravels (I think – I did History!). The river here has changed its course in a dramatically short time with very rapid undercutting on the right.

In fact there is significant erosion along the Swale throughout the parish, particularly where grazing occurs right to the river’s edge.

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