Saturday, 6 June 2015


I only saw my first Cuckoo Spit of the year yesterday evening.

The title for this post is the Swiss term for it and Cuckoo-spit is a widespread name in Europe although in Scandinavia it tends to be known by a variant of Frog or Toad’s spit and in some countries Witch’s spit or Snake Spit.
I had always assumed the name was simply from its appearance at about the time Cuckoos start calling, as with the Cuckoo Flower (Lady’s Smock) - which incidentally appears much more widespread in the parish this year.

But there was an ancient belief that the tiny green Froghopper, which sits in the middle of the foamy 'spit', was a baby Cuckoo thus explaining the mystery of no-one ever finding the bird's nest.

Parish bird year list to end of May - 99 species.

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