Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dabchicks & Drinkers

We had planned a moth session on Saturday night but poor weather put us off. Last night was much more promising and we had an excellent session. I’ll detail the catch tomorrow but here are a couple of moths ‘in the field’


This is a Drinker, so called from its caterpillar’s apparent fondness for drinking droplets of dew. Look at those antennae…
And this is an exquisite Gothic.

This Little Grebe is nesting on the Magic Garden pond only a couple of feet off the end of the jetty. When disturbed it slips quietly off its nest but never without first covering its eggs with water weed.
Also of note a villager reported a possible sighting of Green Woodpecker this week. This species used to nest in the parish up to the 1960s but there have been no recent sightings.

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