Saturday, 18 July 2015

Middens & Molehills

In the top fields at Ainderby the rabbits have dug their warren through an old village midden, as they have excavated their tunnels they have thrown up lots of pieces of china and broken glass, a number of oyster shells…


but also more unusual things like a pony shoe, an ivory-handled knife, some complete bottles and this Vaseline jar....

Because it has a corked stopper and not a screw top it probably dates it to the late 1800s. I suspect, given the quality of much of the material, that this midden was associated with the Manor.

Talking of excavation, for many years I have been in the habit of kicking over molehills on the hunt for some unearthed treasure. Friends have found bits of Roman and medieval pottery and even a Roman coin but I have had precisely zilch until the other night turned up this 1943 halfpenny. Not exactly Time Team but I’m easily pleased!
There were Two Little Egrets yesterday evening on the river by the railway bridge. This summer influx to the Swale now seems to be a regular event. I would have got closer for a better picture but got vigorously chased by the cattle here!


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