Friday, 14 August 2015


I walked along the river yesterday evening on the hunt for Common Sandpiper for the year list. These waders are seen in the parish most years, usually in late summer, but spotting one is down to pot luck. No sign and it was generally quiet other than a Kingfisher and an unidentified wader calling as it flew high overhead.

As I walked back I spotted a falcon, it was a superb Hobby which flashed past before turning and powering low over a freshly turned field.

Hobby (or possibly speck on camera lens...)
It appeared to land near an old field barn and as I headed over two Barn Owls flew out. One of these glided over the river bank flushing…a Common Sandpiper!


  1. Could this be the same hobby that ripped through our garden? We have also been having a regular visit from at least one GS woodpecker, a juvenile feeding on the nuts and fat. The other evening it was chased off by another, smaller one with no red. The female parent?

  2. Hi Hazel, it's possible it's the same Hobby although they do tend to wander at this time of year so it's difficult to say. Was the other woodpecker noticeably smaller?