Monday, 31 August 2015

Two more....

Walking back from picking damsons at Langlands a small bird flashed across as I climbed the stile. It was a male Stonechat, only the second one I have seen in the parish. The picture was taken at distance in heavy rain but at least you can see what it is….

As I continued up the bank I spotted a pipit on the path ahead. It looked different from Meadow and with a different gait. It then took off and called. It was a Tree Pipit, my first record in the parish! I can only assume that it was the heavy rain brought down both of these birds within a few yards of each other.

Yesterday this little leveret ran madly around me, almost tripping over its feet, before disappearing through the hedge on Greenhills Lane.

Year List to end of August 106 species.

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