Sunday, 1 November 2015

1st November & Ladybird books

Thick fog hung around all day so birding was limited, two Kingfishers were on the lake along with the first Teal since early April. A Buzzard foolishly flew over the village resulting in dozens of Rooks driving it off. Two Jays were still present in the Magic Garden along with a Cormorant and good numbers of Fieldfares. This is typically what happens in the parish with an early influx of Redwings which move on usually leaving the Fieldfare as the commonest winter thrush.

Whenever the conditions are like this it always reminds me of the classic Ladybird book “What to Look for in Autumn” and Tunnicliffe’s fabulous, nostalgic illustrations….

The four seasonal “What to Look For…” books are certainly one of the things which got me interested in natural history as a child and I would recommend every family trying to get hold of them. They have definitely become more collectable in recent years but I still occasionally see them in charity shops and there are usually plenty of copies on Ebay.

Parish year list to end of October - 109 species

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