Thursday, 5 November 2015

Late Colour

In the Magic Garden there is a small patch of boggy ground which I always thought looked great for Jack Snipe and Water Rail. I managed to find the latter this winter, the first record for the parish, but Jack Snipe continues to elude me. The dry weather this summer means much of it got clogged with vegetation but the recent rains have re-flooded it  and I’m still hopeful I might tick off minimus one of these days.
In the same patch these flowers have given a late burst of colour. I think these are Celery-leaved Buttercup (Ranunculus sceleratus)

and Lesser Spearwort (Ranunculus flammula).

There appeared to be a good movement of Redwings last night and standing in our garden you could hear the evocative ‘tseep’ calls as they flew over, invisible in the thick fog.

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