Thursday, 26 May 2016

26th May

A walk this evening in another vain attempt to find waders on the Greenhills pools. No luck but did turn up this young Tawny Owl…

I could hear at least two birds calling in a large sycamore but they were surprisingly difficult to spot. The fact they are breeding here might explain the absence of Little Owl from their usual nest site in the neighbouring ruined barns.
On the main wader pool there were two pairs of Yellow Wagtails and eight cracking little Shelducklings (along with a stressed mum)….

Although the odd pair of Shelduck have summered before this is the first confirmed breeding in the parish. However, with a rapidly diminishing area of water I am concerned about their chances of survival.
The falling water levels have also exposed a growing area of mud and amongst the human, dog and bird footprints there were signs of other animals passing through including Hare, Fox, Roe Deer…

and Badger...


  1. Great to see breeding success isn't it, let's hope the Shelducks manage to survive.

  2. Thanks Pam. Would be really good if that pool held water all year. A pair of LRP nested there a couple of years ago but abandoned once it dried up. However,knowing our recent summers they might be fine!

    1. Well yes rain does seem to be a strong feature of our summers doesn't it!