Saturday, 26 September 2015

26th September

A quick pre-breakfast walk down the Magic Garden on a cool, grey morning. Almost the first bird I saw was a Grey Wagtail. Redpoll numbers have increased to four, a large mixed tit flock also included a couple of Reed Buntings and this Sparrowhawk attracted the attention of the local crows.

By the lake there are a couple of Alder trees which I have always assumed would be great for Siskin and Redpoll but have never seen birds on them until today when a group of five Siskin dropped in briefly to feed on the cones.
Around 30 Blackbirds were present around the rowans, feeding voraciously but very jumpy, behaving just like migrants on the coast so they may well be fresh arrivals.
I didn’t see or hear any Chiffchaffs or hirundines today but I did see a Blackcap. I don’t know if this was a tardy summer migrant or perhaps an early arriving winter visitor from central Europe?

I also spotted this rather worn Flounced Rustic doing a reasonable impression of a piece of reed head.

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