Sunday, 13 September 2015

National (no) Moth Night & Osprey at last...

John Edwards ran three traps in the Magic Garden last night as it was National Moth Night. Not exactly ideal conditions and it’s likely the low lying, damp ground here exaggerated the cold as it was a dreadful catch, only 23 moths of six species! However, it did include two new species for the parish (and indeed new for John’s British list) – Orange Sallow (a scarce and local species in Yorkshire) and a new micro Acleris laterana
The commonest species' caught were Brown-spot Pinion (of which there is only one previous parish record) and a number of these Rosy Rustics. Classic autumn moths.

Later this morning , driving back from seeing the Woodchat Shrike at Nosterfield, I spotted a large bird over towards the Swale. Screeching to a halt on the A684 (not really recommended) I jumped out (defintely not recommended) to see an Osprey drifting along the river towards Morton Bridge. A couple of crows were harrying it and it dipped out of sight. 
I drove on to the bridge car-park but there was no further sign although its progress could be gauged by the reactions of the local Lapwing flocks which shot up in panic as it headed back towards Scruton/Great Langton. 

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