Sunday, 27 September 2015


One feature of the winter in the Magic Garden is a regular thrush roost. This is already forming, made up almost exclusively, at this stage, of male Blackbirds (like this young bird) with a smattering of Song Thrushes.

Later in the winter they are usually joined by good numbers of Redwings.
Last night there were around 40 birds in the roost at the time I left. Some individuals can be seen flying in high and dropping straight into the roost site on the main island in the lake but most tend to follow the same pattern ahead of going to roost – starting off in the small area of damp woodland by the ‘fen’, moving then into the tops of the trees on the small island before a final swift, discreet flight to the dense vegetation on the main island.

Other birds seen here last night included Little Owl, Kingfisher and a small group of Swallows.

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