Friday, 1 April 2016

1st April

I only had time for a quick walk along Greenhills Lane today. In the ‘avenue’ here there were still around 60 Tree Sparrows in the hedges (I’m not sure when these birds will pair up and the flock disperse?) and they were now joined by around a dozen Lesser Redpoll and a few Yellowhammers.

In the large arable field at the end there were good numbers of gulls with Herrings now predominating. I saw a distant hirundine hawking over this field. Despite the rather cold, overcast conditions I thought it might be my first Swallow but it ‘only’ proved to be another Sand Martin. I also saw a fine Stoat racing across the plough, my first sighting for over a year.
Overhead little groups of chak-chakking Fieldfares were still evident but it has been a couple of days now since my last Redwing sighting.  
My first Shelduck of the year (a pair) were on the field pool here. Typically aggressive they would periodically chase off the larger gulls.

I wonder if these are the same birds that spent last spring on this pool?

Over in the next field This flooded hollow is my great hope for this year.

In the past it has attracted one or two birds (including a pair of Little Ringed Plovers) but it is the highest I’ve seen it for this time of year. With a bit of luck it will retain water through the spring and prove an irresistible magnet to waders! It’s about time we added Avocet to the parish list…

Year list to end of March 86 species

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