Sunday, 3 April 2016

3rd April

Spring creeps closer with Swallow over Ainderby yesterday and Chris Knight found Wheatear in Morton today. This evening I also saw my first bats of the year, two Pipistrelle over the Manor Lake.
A pair of Nuthatch have started visiting the garden again and the male was singing in the apple tree this evening.

Earlier I had at least five Corn Buntings singing down Potter’s Lane.

There were none here yesterday. Do they arrive en masse or does it take one to start singing to trigger all the others?
Otherwise it was a very quiet day, the only bird of note a Ringed Plover I heard in flight but couldn’t locate.
The owner of the Magic Garden has very kindly built me this rather splendid rustic viewing screen

It overlooks the reed bed so I am fully confident of finding a goodie this year (Moustached Warbler anyone?) 


  1. That's a smashing pic of Corn Bunting, Nick!

    Given my absurd luck recently, now you've mentioned moustached warbler I'm sure to find one!! :)

  2. Thanks Chris. I won't mind you finding one as long as it's on my patch and I get to see it!