Sunday, 24 April 2016

24th April

I obviously spoke too soon last week and the cold weather has slowed migration to a trickle again. Swallows are still in short supply and no sign of Whitethroats etc. but a Common Sandpiper was on the river by the railway bridge today and I photographed my first Yellow Wagtail in Morton yesterday.

The large Sand Martin colony has continued to expand with around 200 birds now here.

On Friday there were still 30 odd Fieldfares in the village, one of the latest dates I have seen them in the parish. Last week a large group was still feeding in the Green Hills fields.
I photographed part of the flock when it flew off, have a guess how many in this shot (answer at the bottom!)

Today I went looking for Lampreys with an angling friend. Late March/early April is the peak period but the rains at that time meant the river was too coloured to see them. Unfortunately we were too late but you can clearly see the spawning areas which show as large pale areas on the river bed. This is because the Lampreys turn over the rocks to lay their eggs exposing the clean undersides of the stones.

[I (rather sadly) counted 259 Fieldfares in the picture]   

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